Current projects

 aquatic toxicity of lanthanum  2012-2017.daphnie

What is known about aquatic ecotoxicity of lanthaum. Are industrial emissions into the Rhine river of concern?

Reechange  2016-2019.

“Rare Earth Element Ecotoxicology in a Changing Environment”. This project aims at a risk evaluation from lanthanum and gadolinium emissions to the aquatic environment.

GNOME 2014-2017

GNOME investigates the mixture toxicity of cadmium and nano-titanium dioxide on nematodes

Estuarine Communication 2015 – 2017

How much science is necessary for good environmental decisions?

Der Tideelbe-Komplex 2014-2017

Being part of the Hamburg Open Online University, this project intends to foster the engagement of citizens with processes in the Tidal Elbe region. (only in german).

Finalized Projects

Morogoro 2011 – 2014Morogoro

Effects of agro-chemicals in ecological status Kilombero Valley Ramsar site, Tanzania

ARCH 2011 – 2015DSC_0087 ARCH

“Architecture and roadmap to manage multiple pressures on lagoons.” A research project to develop methodologies to manage the multiple problems affecting lagoons in Europe.

Backwaters of the Elbe, Part II 2014IMG_4085-Seitenstrukturen

Study on the environmental risk by flooding for or from backwaters of the Elbe river. Detailed study after the 2013 flood event.

Riskcycle 2009-2012Riskcycle Bild 3

The coordination action (CA) “RISKCYCLE” aimed to establish and co-ordinate a global network of European and international experts and stakeholders to define together future needs of R+D contributions for innovations in the risk-based management of chemicals and products.

KLIMZUG-NORD 2009 – 2012Dipol- Neufelder Watt März 2010 014

The project KLIMZUG-NORD explored solutions to cope with the consequences of climate changes in the metropolitan area of Hamburg.

diPOL 2009 – 2012DSC01769-Dipol

“Impact of Climate Change on the
Quality of Urban and Coastal Waters
Diffuse Pollution”: DiPol aimed to collect information on the impact of Climate Change on water quality, to communicate and raise awareness towards this knowledge.


SedTrans 2009 –2012Sed-Trans2

Modelling transport and fate of particle-bound substances in the catchment of the Middle Elbe. For better understanding mobility and deposition of particles in groyne fields, a hydrodynamic model was developed.

BF TiO2 im PharynxNano Ecotox 2010 – 2013

The Focus of this study is the impact of light exposure on the ecotoxicity of the particles as well as the particles’ effects on co-contaminants on Caenorhabditis elegans

 ELLI – Elbe Literature Data base 2011-2014

Set up of a comprehensive literature data base for Elbe-relevant publications.

 Backwaters of the Elbe River, Part I 2012-2013Seitenstruktur 1

Sediments in side structures and backwaters in the Elbe watershed. Do they provide a risk for the river?

Aquatic toxicity of fluorides 2009-2011

FLUORID-RISIKEN: Evaluation of risk from fluoride for the aquatic community

 Ballastwasser-Treatment 2009-2010

Erstellung eines Ballastwasser-Emission Scenario Documents