The Team

Head of Working Group

Dr. Susanne Heise, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

Employees (Status January2021)

Sonja Faetsch, PhD student

Topic of PhD thesis: Classification systems for the assessment of contaminated sediments.

Lisa Taplick, PhD student

Topic of PhD thesis: Investigations on the co-exposure of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans to nano-TiO2 and cadmium with regard to physicochemical properties and their effect on cellular transport mechanisms

Ivonne Stresius, PhD student, research assistant

Topic of PhD thesis: Use of scientific results for social decision-making processes in complex systems using the example of the Tidal Elbe.

Chantal van Drimmelen, PhD student

Topic of PhD Thesis: Chronic effects of rare earth elements (REE) in a bentho-pelagic food web.

Marion Revel, PhD student

Topic of PhD Thesis: Toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of lanthanides in aquatic organisms.

Safia El Toum, PhD student, research assistant

Project: Blue Estuaries – Sustainable estuarine development under climate change and other stressors.

Technical Assistance

Robin Westphal, technical assisant

Former Employees