The Team

Head of the Working group

Dr. Susanne Heise, Professor at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Current staff (November 2018)

Sonja Faetsch, PhD student, working in the project “sullied sediments”. Topic of the dissertation: Classification systems for contaminated sediments.

Lisa Kleene: PhD student. Topic of her presentation: Molecular mechanism and physico-chemical properties of TiO2 nanoparticles and cadmium when co-exposed to the nematode Caenohabditis elegans (MANTICC)

Unbenannt-KurzIvonne Stresius, PhD student, working on the projects ARCH-and the “Tideelbe-Komplex”. Title of the dissertation: Stakeholder-Communication in the Region of the Lower Elbe River

Henning Tien

Henning Tien, PhD student. Topic of the dissertation: Rare Earth Element Ecotoxicology in a Changing Environment.

The “angels” of our laboratory

Anne Below and Mohammad Arar, both students at the HAW, support us in our daily work. They prepare media, take care of our test organisms and maintain the devices. They also always offer a helping hand, when bachelor or PhD students (or professors) need them.

Kristina Partus: Bachelorarbeit: Etablierung eines sensitiven Zelltoxizitäts-Assays zum Ausschließen zelltoxischer Effekte von Sedimentproben im Multiplexformat mit anschließendem Estrogen-/Ecdysonrezeptor-Reportergen Assay

Aljoscha Kielhorn: Bachelorarbeit: Die Bedeutung der Lanthanaufnahme über Futterorganismen für die Toxizität gegenüber Daphnia magna.

Samantha Warmuth: Bachelorarbeit zum Thema: Die Aussagekraft mikrobiologischer Sediment-Biotests. Eine Studie an Sedimentkernen der Unterelbe.

Former Staff

Dr. Kamelia Samet, PhD-Student until May 2018. Topic of the dissertation: Impact of co-contamination of cadmium and TiO2 -nanoparticles on the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans“.

Kari MoshenbergDr. Kari Moshenberg, PhD student and co-worker in the AAT-workgroup till October 2013. Topic of the dissertation “Modelling the Fate of particle bound HCB in the Elbe River”

IMG_4338Henning Herrmann, Co-worker in the projects “risk evaluation of fluoride emissions to the aquatic environment”, “Elbe backwaters II” and “Ecotoxicology of Lanthanum”

Judith AngelstorfDr. Judith Angelstorf, PhD student and co-worker in the project “Elbe Backwaters II”. Topic of the dissertation: “Effects of TiO2 nanoparticles on the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans“..

???????????????????????????????Dr. Silvia F. Materu, PhD student, working in the project “Morogoro”. Topic of the dissertation: Ecotoxicological effects in the Kilombero region, Tanzania.

Kirsten OffermannDr. Kirsten Offermann, Co-worker in the project “Elbe Backwaters II”

Technical assistance

Technische AssistentinNadine Heuer, Technical Assistant

Portraitaufnahme von Maximilia KottwitzMaximilia Kottwitz, Technical Assistant