Dr. Kari Moshenberg

Name: Dr. Kari Moshenberg

Position: research assistant

Background and Interests

Dr. Kari Moshenberg is an environmental scientist with almost ten years of experience in quantitative analysis of contaminated waters.  Dr. Moshenberg’s scientific expertise lies mainly in the areas of sediment contamination, fate and transport, statistical evaluations and risk assessment. Dr. Moshenberg was responsible for managing a multi-year project aimed at simulating the transport of hexachlorobenzene (HCB) contaminated sediments in the Middle Elbe River. This project included the modelling of HCB transport over a 230 km long segment of the Middle Elbe. Both 1D and 2D models were used for modelling.

Research Projects

  • SedTrans

Poster and Publications

  • Moshenberg, K.L, S. Heise. 2012. “Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on the Fate and Transport of HCB in the Elbe River Basin.” Presentation. SETAC World Congress. Berlin, Germany.
  • Moshenberg, K.L, S. Heise, E. Claus, D. Schwandt. 2012. “Modeling Contaminated Sediment in the Elbe River Basin: Integrating Field Data & Observations Presentation. SEDNET. Venice, Italy.
  • Moshenberg, K.L, Heise, S. 2009. Suspended Sediment Model for the Elbe River Basin (Germany). Presentation. Battelle Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments. Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Moshenberg, K.L., Heise, S. 2008. Bedload and Suspended Sediment Model for the Elbe River Basin (Germany). Poster presentation. SETAC World Congress. Sydney, Australia.