Current projects

aquatic toxicity of lanthanum  2012-2017.

What is known about aquatic ecotoxicity of lanthaum. Are industrial emissions into the Rhine river of concern?

Reechange 2016-2019.

“Rare Earth Element Ecotoxicology in a Changing Environment”. This project aims at a risk evaluation from lanthanum and gadolinium emissions to the aquatic environment.

Sullied Sediments 2017-2020

Within this Interreg-Project sediments are collected from 9 sites across 3 different rivers. Chemical, ecotoxicological and community data are gathered and will be the basis for the development of a new integrated sediment classification system.

MANTICC 2018– 2021

What causes the synergistic effects of cadmium and nano-titaniumdioxide to nematodes?

Der Tideelbe-Komplex seit 2014

Im Rahmen der Hamburg Open Online University will dieses Projekt den Bürgern der Region das komplexe System “Tideelbe” näherbringen.

Finalized Projects

Morogoro 2011 – 2014Morogoro

Effects of agro-chemicals in ecological status Kilombero Valley Ramsar site, Tanzania

ARCH 2011 – 2015DSC_0087 ARCH

“Architecture and roadmap to manage multiple pressures on lagoons.” A research project to develop methodologies to manage the multiple problems affecting lagoons in Europe.

Backwaters of the Elbe, Part II 2014IMG_4085-Seitenstrukturen

Study on the environmental risk by flooding for or from backwaters of the Elbe river. Detailed study after the 2013 flood event.

Riskcycle 2009-2012Riskcycle Bild 3

The coordination action (CA) “RISKCYCLE” aimed to establish and co-ordinate a global network of European and international experts and stakeholders to define together future needs of R+D contributions for innovations in the risk-based management of chemicals and products.

KLIMZUG-NORD 2009 – 2012Dipol- Neufelder Watt März 2010 014

The project KLIMZUG-NORD explored solutions to cope with the consequences of climate changes in the metropolitan area of Hamburg.

diPOL 2009 – 2012DSC01769-Dipol

“Impact of Climate Change on the
Quality of Urban and Coastal Waters
Diffuse Pollution”: DiPol aimed to collect information on the impact of Climate Change on water quality, to communicate and raise awareness towards this knowledge.


SedTrans 2009 –2012Sed-Trans2

Modelling transport and fate of particle-bound substances in the catchment of the Middle Elbe. For better understanding mobility and deposition of particles in groyne fields, a hydrodynamic model was developed.

BF TiO2 im PharynxNano Ecotox 2010 – 2013

The Focus of this study is the impact of light exposure on the ecotoxicity of the particles as well as the particles’ effects on co-contaminants on Caenorhabditis elegans

 ELLI – Elbe Literature Data base 2011-2014

Set up of a comprehensive literature data base for Elbe-relevant publications.

 Backwaters of the Elbe River, Part I 2012-2013Seitenstruktur 1

Sediments in side structures and backwaters in the Elbe watershed. Do they provide a risk for the river?

Aquatic toxicity of fluorides 2009-2011

FLUORID-RISIKEN: Evaluation of risk from fluoride for the aquatic community

 Ballastwasser-Treatment 2009-2010

Erstellung eines Ballastwasser-Emission Scenario Documents